Monitoring your health has never been easier

We monitor and alert you via WhatsApp, to changes in your health condition through information coming from the smartwatch and combined with the dr.monitora protocol created by renowned cardiologists.

In real time:

We track sleep, exercise, heartbeat, oxygen saturation, calories and much more. And we can monitor blood pressure.

Why should I hire?

We are all susceptible to illness and disease. With our monitoring, it is possible to prevent them from evolving into more serious cases.

Our services are not a substitute for regular follow-up by your doctor.


In Brazil, about 1.2 million people live with some form of dementia.

Source: Ministério da saúde

Doença do Coração

14 million Brazilians have some type of heart disease.

Source: SBC

Doenças do Coração

One thousand deaths per day due to illnesses related to heart disease.

Source: SBC


1% of the world's population has Parkinson's.

Source: OMS

How it works?

With a smartwatch or smart bracelet we can monitor your main health data on a single platform.


We monitor heartbeats and other signals that are generated by your smartwatch.


We generate alerts and reports to warn of any change in the monitored status.

ECG evaluation



You only share the data you are interested in, all encrypted and without sharing with third parties.

our platform

With it you can manage everything in a practical and safe way, accessible in all versions such as desktop, mobile and tablets.

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Our plans

Within our platform you can choose a plan according to your needs, with the payment method of your choice!




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frequently asked questions

Do you still have any questions? 


Yes, we use the official Google Android resources, in addition to following all security standards to comply with the LGPD.

Compatible with the following applications:


Anyone who can generate the ECG and share. Ex: Apple Whatch, Galaxy Whatch, Garmin, Fitbit, etc.

Accepted forms of payment are: Credit card and PIX.